What to Do if You Are in A Rental Car Accident

Renting a car is not something that someone does every day. Most people use this type of service when they travel. Sadly, people are more prone to be involved in a car accident when using a rental car because they are driving an unfamiliar vehicle in an unfamiliar area. In most cases, victims of a car accident that occurs in a rental car is handled much the same way as a personal vehicle. However, there are a few additional things that you should understand about this type of situation.

Reporting The Accident

Just like with any vehicular accident, you will need to report the accident to the police. Make sure that you exchange information with the other driver and get information from any witnesses on how to contact them in the future. Seek immediate medical attention for any and all injuries. Because it is a rental car, you must also report the accident to the rental agency.

It is very important that you pay careful attention to the instructions given to you by the rental agency about the car accident. They will provide you with instructions on roadside assistance and other issues that must be followed. Failure to follow their instructions could result in you being liable for damages to the vehicle.

Understanding The Insurance Policies

If you did not purchase an insurance policy from the car rental business, which most people do not, you will need to contact your car insurance company to report the accident. Your personal injury protection policy will cover the injuries sustained in the car accident up to the limits of the policy. If you do not have collision insurance, you ay be responsible for the physical damage to the car. However, it is also very important to check the benefits offered by your credit card company that you used to rent the car. Many credit card companies offer insurance policies on car rentals that were made using their card.

Rental Service Liability

When you are involved in a car accident with a rental car, you will be held liable, through your insurance, for the damages and injuries caused. It is only on a very rare occasion that the rental service is found liable for the accident. The rental car company must have rented you a car that was known to be dangerous or was not properly maintained before any liability can be shifted to the company.

Speak To An Attorney

Any time you are required to deal with an insurance company about an accident claim it is in your best interest to have legal representation. It is probably even more important when the accident involves a rental car. Insurance companies are quick to shift blame to the consumer and deny claims. Protect your rights as a consumer and as an accident victim by speaking to an attorney about your case.