Top Pedestrian Errors that Cause Pedestrian Accidents in Pennsylvania

Top Pedestrian Errors that Cause Pedestrian Accidents in Pennsylvania

It is interesting to note how drivers, when behind the wheel, curse pedestrians for breaking traffic laws and pedestrians, when crossing roads, in turn despise when drivers ignore traffic laws aimed to keep pedestrians safe. Let us all just agree that we need to follow traffic laws in Pennsylvania more closely, for they exist to keep us all in one piece.

Pedestrian crashes accounted for 3.3% of total reported traffic crashes in Pennsylvania in the year 2014, yet they accounted for nearly 14% of all accident deaths. There were 4,001 pedestrian crashes that year, resulting in 166 pedestrian deaths in Pennsylvania. Nationally, approximately one pedestrian is killed every 2 hours, and injured every 8 minutes. Just as it is the driver’s responsibility to stop at the crosswalk and let pedestrians pass, pedestrians have responsibilities to drivers and to themselves to prevent accidents from occurring. Here are some of the top reasons why pedestrians are hit by motorists in Pennsylvania.

Refusing to cross at an intersection

Intersections are designed to keep the flow of traffic safe and efficient for both drivers and pedestrians. Drivers must not block the crosswalk in order to let pedestrians and cyclists cross freely. At the same time, pedestrians should make the effort to walk all the way to the next traffic light at the end of the block to cross the street safely. On longer stretches of blocks, many pedestrians choose to dart across multiple-lane roads in Pennsylvania when they perceive light traffic. A driver coming unexpectedly fast can easily crash into a pedestrian crossing in an area that is not designated as a safe place to cross the street.

Refusing to use the sidewalk

Along major public and private roads intended to be shared between pedestrians and drivers are typically sidewalks keeping pedestrians and drivers apart. There are many instances in which pedestrians, usually while exercising, refuse to run on the sidewalks. By putting yourself in the street where the cars and cyclists are supposed to be moving, you put yourself at a huge risk of getting hit by a car. Even if you do this in a small, private community with little traffic and a slow speed limit, a pedestrian should never share the road with motorists and cyclists if there is a way to avoid it. If there is no sidewalk or natural path alongside traffic, be sure to walk against traffic so

Walking While Distracted

As the use of smartphones and tablets grow, so too does the number of traffic incidents caused by distracted drivers and pedestrians. Pedestrian injuries that occur as a result of cell phone use are up 35% since 2010 according to emergency room data collected by Stateline. Just like drivers should not be on their mobile phones while driving, pedestrians should remain alert at all times, especially when crossing the street. It is especially dangerous at night, when 70% of pedestrian deaths occur between 6 pm and 6 am.

To prevent accidents, use common sense and do your best to obey all traffic rules. If you have been injured at the expense of a negligent or careless driver, our Pennsylvania accident lawyers are here to serve you.


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