Top 4 Reasons Why Summer is the Most Dangerous Driving Season

summer dangerous driving

It is almost that time of year! The summer is just around the corner meaning fun in the sun and amazing traveling conditions, at least so you would think. Contrary to the inviting weather conditions and excessive free time, the summer is the most dangerous driving season. Many would assume that the winter would be the season to claim this title as weather conditions tend to be horrid. While this may be true, there a few other factors that increase the potential of car accidents. Join us as we explore them.

Young Drivers

During any other season, teenagers will either be driving to and from school or occasionally to a party on the weekends, but when the summer comes around, they are everywhere. For this two-month period there is on class to attend and they are free to roam the streets. The potential of a car accident occurring greatly increases with so many inexperienced drivers on the road.


The summer is the prime travelling season. Whether it is college students on summer break or family members visiting each other, the inviting summer weather welcomes traveling and vacationers. The roads are generally filled with more drivers for a more extended amount of time than any other season. These congested summer roads lay claim to more car accidents than any other season.


It is ideal of many road construction projects to start over the summer as the conditions are most favorable. Ongoing construction sites require more attentive drivers which is why the penalties are greatly increased for speeding in a construction zone. With this time of year being most popular for reckless driving, the presence of a construction site makes the roads much more dangerous.


Along with great weather, the summer brings this sense of freedom. Commuters tend to speed more in the summer as the weather permits it. It is of no secret that speeding drastically increases the potential of an accident, especially when college students and teenagers are amongst the individuals speeding.

All of the aforementioned conditions come together to make the summer the most dangerous driving season. Keep yourself safe when commuting this summer by using extra caution on the roads and paying close attention to shifting traffic trends. In the unfortunate circumstance that you are the victim in a car accident, reach out to Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers. We have experience pairing suffering car accident victims with experienced local attorneys that help them seek compensation for any injuries. Don’t hesitate to seek help. Contact us today at (888) 970-2443 or visit us online for a free consultation.