Top 3 Most Dangerous Type of Car Accidents

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Top 3 Most Dangerous Type of Car Accidents

The simple thought of getting into any accident can be horrifying. It’s the last thought anyone wants to have when sitting behind the wheel of his vehicle, but it’s always a lingering possibility. While safety features in cars have come a long way, no car is invincible to an impending accident. No matter how closely you considered these safety features, you are always at risk. Listed below are the top 3 most dangerous car accidents to be involved in.

The T-Bone

One of the scariest of them all is the T-bone. These are most common at road intersections. Whether they be stop lights or stop signs, what usually happens is one driver has ignored their signal to stop and the other has taken their signal to proceed forward. The term T-Bone is relevant because when one car hits the either on its side, it makes a T shape. Aside from the high speeds and angle of impact, what make this accident so dangerous is what happens after the impact. The car that was struck with such force usually spins out of control and hits a pole, falls into a ditch or even rolls over.

The Rollover

As the name suggests, this happens when a car is struck and it either rolls over on its top or proceeds to roll over several times. What makes this accident so fatal is the fact that even though seat belts do help keep people in place for the most part, they do very little for sideways motion. This leads to passengers wearing their seat belt to be possibly thrown from them. Those who do not wear their seatbelt statistically face more severe, and sometimes fatal, injuries.This is so because they have a greater chance of being ejected from the vehicle.


Debatably the most dangerous type of accident is the head-on collision. The incredibly high speed is what separates this type of accident form the rest. An example of this is when on a single-lane-road a driver tries to overtake the driver in front of them and slams into the vehicle traveling the opposite direction. Say both vehicles are traveling at 70 mph, the relative speed will be 140 mph at the moment of impact, doubling the intensity of the impact which usually leads to fatalities.

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