String of Car Crashes on I-80 in Pennsylvania

String Of Truck Crashes On I-80 In Pennsylvania

Earlier this week, three large trucks collided on I-80 in Pennsylvania near Tannersville, when an apparent unsecured load allowed a concrete wall to fall off the flatbed of one of the trucks around 3:30 am. The two other semi-trucks involved in the crash were unable to stop in time to avoid the debris, ending in a fatal chain-reaction truck crash. One of the truck drivers died as a result of the crash.

Another pileup occurred midweek on I-80 in Pennsylvania, this time involving seven motor vehicles, including one semi-truck. No serious injuries were reported.

Across the United States, I-80 had a bad week for driver and passenger safety. The driver of a Dodge Ram pickup truck in California skidded off the well-traveled interstate and rolled down an embankment, claiming the life of the driver. Initial investigations point to icy conditions on the roadway causing the fatal rollover; several other motor vehicle accidents occurred near the spot of the Ram crash that same day.

In Nevada, a construction zone collision on I-80 resulted in serious injury to two people. The driver of a Subaru attempted to pass several cars by driving on the left shoulder of the interstate. He collided with two construction trucks, a concrete barricade and a construction worker.

The driver and the passenger in the Subaru had to be rescued from their vehicle. Both were taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital and are in critical or serious condition. The construction worker was hit from behind and suffered a broken leg in the I-80 crash.

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Source: Centre Daily Times, “I-80 eastbound closed in Pa. after fatal crash,” December 10, 2012