Statute of Limitations in Pennsylvania for Car Accidents

The first thing to note about car accidents in Pennsylvania is what the statute of limitations is regarding filing a legal claim. Essentially, it is a law that sets a time limit on one’s right to go to court after you have been wronged. The statute of limitations regarding different crimes or damages can vary from situation to situation, but it is generally fixed in car accident cases. In this case, the statute of limitations regarding car accidents would be the set time limit in which you could file a court suit after the car accident occurs.

However, in the state of Pennsylvania, state Title 42, section 5524 states that the time limit to set forth a course of action in order to recover damages from a car accident is two years. Essentially, what this means is that if someone is injured in a car crash, the injured party has two years from the date of the accident to set forth motions regarding recovering damages due to the incident. However, there are exceptions. If someone is killed in the aforementioned car accident and the plaintiff files a wrongful death lawsuit, the clock starts two years from the death of the person that was involved in the car crash.

If you let the two years elapse, your case will essentially dissolve. All the defendant has to do is file a motion to dismiss the case, and the case will most likely be thrown out of court. Based on the aforementioned information, the two-year statute of limitations means that you want to act quickly after your incident, regardless of if you are confident that your case will be solved through a car insurance settlement.

If you realize that your filing deadline for your car accident case is coming up quickly, it is highly recommended that you consult a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer. You should make sure that you receive the damages and case resolution you deserve. You should always be conscious regarding the statute of limitations of any type of civil or criminal suit that you may become involved in.

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