School Bus Crash Injures 16 Students

School Bus Crash Injures 16 Students in Pennsylvania

A moving truck backed out into traffic and smashed into a school bus this week, throwing the bus into a dangerous roll that injured a number of children. This is another example of how dangerous collisions between two large vehicles can be.

The school bus accident occurred Thursday afternoon in a California town while the school bus was bringing students home. Fully loaded with 40 children between the ages of 9 and 11, the bus approached a driveway. An investigation is still pending but it appears that the school bus was driving lawfully and complying with the 40 mph speed limit.

As the bus approached the driveway, however, a U-Haul suddenly backed out of it and into the road. Police officers said that a mother and daughter were working together to back into the street. While the mother drove the truck, the daughter stood in the road to help guide her.

For some reason, the mother backed suddenly out into the road and hit the bus near its rear axle. The impact threw the bus into a lateral spin while it was still moving at high speed. When the bus turned perpendicular to the road, the vehicle’s mass flipped it over onto its side.

Nearly half of the students suffered injuries in the crash and responders took 12 of them to hospitals for treatment. Two of the children had serious injuries, including a head wound. If this child suffered a traumatic brain injury, he or she could experience long-lasting consequences.

Since an investigation is still pending, it is not clear whether anyone other than the U-Haul driver was responsible for causing these injuries.

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