Top 3 Safety Tips for A Motorcyclists

The freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle is countered by the potential dangers that can result from being involved in an accident with another vehicle. Even for those wearing a helmet, the risk of severe injury or even death is ever-present because of the vulnerability of the rider.

Avoiding a severe accident starts with not only wearing a helmet, but also other gear like gloves, a jacket, and something to protect the face. Riding fast without protective equipment could result in serious injuries if struck by debris or may even contribute to the development of road rash. In the event of an accident, safety gear can also reduce the scope of any damage.

Be Aware of Road Rules

Knowing the rules of the road is essential for motorcyclists. One can enhance their knowledge by taking a course in motorcycle safety. The instructors offering these courses are well-versed on the subject matter and can prepare cyclists for the hazards roadways present. The fact that the vast majority of those involved in motorcycle accidents had no such training is another indication of their value.

Practice Regular Maintenance

Some motorcycle accidents occur because of rider negligence in reference to regular maintenance. When basic tasks like checking cables, fluid levels, and tire pressure are ignored, the potential of a motorcycle accident occurring drastically increases. A rider who is always checking the status of their vehicle and brings it in regularly for inspection is one who presents the least danger to fellow commuters.

Ride Safely

It goes without saying that attempting dangerous stunts or splitting lanes is always discouraged. Many motorcyclists claim the roadways as their playground and perform tricks, stunts, and moves that endanger everyone on the road as well as themselves. In addition to riding with the well-being of others in mind, cyclists should:

  • Avoid traveling in blind spots
  • Stay clear of 18-wheelers
  • Be cognizant of inclement road conditions

Given the changing climate in Pennsylvania, the winter months bring slick roads, strong winds, and snowy conditions. All three conditions increase the possibility of an accident occurring. Dressing for the conditions and keeping the motorcycle’s mirrors and windshield clean are also habits to embrace this winter season.

In the event you are struck by a motorcyclist, be sure to seek legal representation from a motorcycle accident attorney who can serve as your legal ally. Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers can get you in touch with an experienced attorney in your area who can discuss legal options and pursue fair compensation. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.