Protecting Your Right To Compensation After A Bike Accident

New Report From The Ohio Department of Public Safety

As per the Ohio Department of Public Safety, 25 people died in Ohio bicycle accidents in 2015, and 1,252 people were injured. Most of those accidents involved collisions with motor vehicles. Because bicycles present such a low profile in traffic, motorists who are involved in accidents with them report that they either never saw the bicycle until impact, or they didn’t see it until it was too late.

Common types of accidents involving motor vehicles and bicycles
In accidents involving motor vehicles and bicycles, there are some fact scenarios that are shared across Ohio. The most common causes of these crashes are:

• Vehicles entering a roadway from another roadway or a private drive
• Motorists making left or right turns in front of bicyclists
• Opening a vehicle door when a bicyclist is approaching
• Motorists rear-ending bicycles

Call 911 immediately
Bicyclists want a record of a crash. Without exception, they should call 911 immediately, and ask that a police officer come to the scene. The officer will complete an accident report that will contain all necessary contact and insurance information about the person who caused the crash. Names and contact information for any independent witnesses should be contained in that report too.

When there are injuries
The 911 operator will ask if medical attention is needed. If there’s any pain at all, victims should ask for paramedics to come to the scene. Paramedics will make a record of any cuts, contusions or bruising along with any other complaints. That begins the chain of medical records of care and treatment. Follow up should be done at the emergency room with paramedics transporting the victim there. A more detailed exam and other medical records will be generated at the emergency room.

Uninsured or hit-and-run drivers
If the motorist who caused the crash was uninsured, or he or she simply drove off, the bicyclist should report the crash to his or her auto insurance company immediately. If a bicyclist has uninsured motorist insurance, most auto insurers will cover the bicyclist’s injuries and property damage. This applies to pedestrian accidents too that involve uninsured motorists or hit-and-run drivers. The insured person along with any resident of their household who is a blood relative are usually covered under uninsured motorist insurance.

Never give a statement to an opposing insurer
It’s not unusual for an insurance company to contact an accident victim. Its representative might ask for a written or recorded statement about how the crash occurred. Victims should never give a statement to the insurer on the other side of a case. It will only be used in the future in an effort to shift some or all of the blame for the crash over onto him or her. That advice applies with an uninsured motorist claim too.

Injured bicyclists can preserve their right to compensation in an Ohio bicycle accident by calling us right away. We’ll arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation. It doesn’t cost a penny to retain us either.