Pros & Cons of More Interactive Car Dashboards

Car Dashboards Pros and Cons

Gone are the traditional knob radios. As of recent, car dashboards have started looking more like tablets and smartphones than they do dashboards. With features such as Apple Play, you can now link your cell phone to your car. This feature links your contacts, music, maps, and much more. The reasoning behind this was to decrease texting and driving by fully syncing cell phones to the car, but have they achieved this goal or have they created an entirely separate issue altogether? Join us as we explore the pros and cons of more interactive car dashboards.

Pros of More Interactive Dashboards

More interactive dashboards have allowed individuals to put down their phones when they are behind the wheel and pay attention to the road. In many vehicles, you can access particular features of the dashboard by voice command. Without ever touching the dashboard, you can add an event to your calendar, send a text message, and even get directions to your desired destination. This allows motorists to comply with distracted driving laws while still being able to operate their phones.

While voice activated systems allow you to perform particular actions without taking your eyes off the road, there are still times when you need to physically interact with your dashboard. For these instances, car companies have implemented a revolutionary technology. Many cars will not grant you access to certain features that require extensive amount of attention while the vehicle is in motion. A few examples of this include setting up your bluetooth, or typing in a destination. This decreases the chances of a distracted driving accident from occurring.

Cons of More Interactive Dashboards

Interactive dashboards can also be very dangerous. With the screens getting larger and brighter, having an interactive dashboard can be a great optical distraction. In many occasions, drivers will treat their dashboards as if they are smartphones and simply browse through applications, taking their attention off the road just long enough to cause an accident.

These dashboards also have the reputation of being very complex. A task as simple as switching the audio source from satellite to auxiliary can force you to navigate through multiple screens. This makes operating your car dashboard just as dangerous as texting and driving.

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