Should you Contact Police After a Minor Accident?

contact police minor accident
Driving from point A to point B is difficult when an accident happens along the way. Even minor events present challenges, one of which is whether to call police when there is no damage. Dialing 911 is a given when the damage and injury are significant or even noticeable, but without a scratch to man or machine, is that call necessary? Couldn’t the drivers involved in a minor crash simply exchange information and move on?

Laws for Pennsylvania Accidents

Laws in Pennsylvania require motorists to stop after a vehicle collision and share contact information with the other driver. Leaving the accident scene, regardless of how minor or severe it is, could lead to criminal charges and a suspended driver’s license. State law also requires motorists involved in car crashes to notify police or the Department of Transportation if the accident includes property damage, injury or death.

Why Call for a Minor Accident

What should drivers do when there is no injury, death or property damage? The answer is to call authorities so that there is an official record of the event, and because injuries aren’t always clear at the time of the accident. Concussions, whiplash and other injuries often take time to manifest. With a documented accident report from law enforcement, it is easier to file an insurance claim or pursue compensation for medical bills and lost wages.

What if Police Won’t Come?

For minor accidents, police sometimes tell motorists to just exchange information. If that happens, this is the information to get:

  • Driver: name, address and phone number
  • Insurance: company name, agent name, contact number, policy number
  • Car: license plate number and state

To avoid getting false information from the other driver, ask to see their license and insurance information, and copy the information directly from these documents. If they refuse to show the documents, call police and let them know the driver is refusing to share information.

Professional Advice

Even a minor accident can have lasting effects, which is why many car crash victims seek professional legal counsel. Whether they need to pursue compensation or not, it’s a good idea to find out more about victim’s rights and responsibilities. An attorney well-versed in vehicle collision law understands how insurance companies and courts deal with accidents, as well as the importance of filing claims within the proper time frame. Proper legal counsel can make the difference between receiving justified accident compensation and footing the bills alone.

Minor accidents can still cause damage. Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers can get you in touch with a local car accident attorney who can make you aware if your legal options. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.