Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Law, Part 1: Mandatory Coverage

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Law, Part 1:

Mandatory Coverage
Purchasing auto insurance can be challenging. The insurance company may tell you one thing while family members and safety advocates tell you another. Who is right? How can you determine what insurance — and how much — you should purchase? In the next few blog posts, we will discuss the mandatory and optional insurance coverages available in Pennsylvania.

You Must Purchase Car Insurance
If you wish to drive in Pennsylvania, you must purchase can insurance. If you fail to maintain your car insurance, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) can suspend your license for up to three months. There are additional penalties if you are pulled over for speeding or another moving violation and you are driving without insurance.

Required Coverages
Pennsylvania requires drivers to purchase the following car insurance for their cars:
• Medical benefits: You must purchase $5,000 in coverage. Medical benefits coverage covers your medical bills after an auto accident, regardless of fault.
• Bodily injury liability: You must purchase $15,000/$30,000 in coverage. BI insurance covers someone else’s medical expenses if you cause the car accident.
• Property damage liability: You must purchase $5,000 in coverage. Property damage liability pays for the damage you cause to someone else’s property, including their car.
Once you have met the minimum requirements, how much additional insurance you purchase is up to you. Keep in mind, however, that most Americans are involved in at least one accident every ten years. A serious accident could run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, we strongly recommend spending more now to protect yourself and your pocket book.
In our next blog post on Pennsylvania auto insurance law, we will discuss the optional coverages available to Pennsylvania drivers.

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