Philadelphia’s Pedestrian Signs Warn of Crosswalk Right-of-Way

Philadelphia’s Pedestrian Signs Warn of Crosswalk Right-of-Way

In an effort to raise awareness to the right-of-way for pedestrians in crosswalks, Pennsylvania created large yellow signs ten years ago to be placed in the median. The goal was to remind drivers that they must stop should a pedestrian or bicyclist enter the crosswalk.

Today there are more than 7,000 warning signs throughout the state, which is an impressive leap from the initial 500 yield-to-pedestrian markers. One of the primary goals of the signs is to avoid pedestrian incidents.

It’s important to note that the signs do not act to enforce the law. The Motor Vehicle Code makes the failure to yield illegal regardless of whether a yellow sign is present at the crosswalk location. Crosswalks can be both in the middle of the road and at an intersection. Drivers have a responsibility to stay alert to all crosswalks.

The pedestrian sign has black letters reading “State Law” printed on it and has an image of a pedestrian stick figure. They are displayed throughout the state. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, PennDot has provided more than 1,200 signs to the five county metro Philadelphia area upon request of local communities.

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