Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Individuals in the state of Pennsylvania just involved in motorcycle accidents may be hurt, scared, and quite possibly traumatized. Getting justice following such a profound event may be difficult given the complications thereof. If one is injured, and it was not one’s fault, one is entitled to receive the full compensation available for the injuries sustained. Even if partially at fault, a biker is entitled to compensation for his or her medical bills and lost wages from the at fault driver’s insurance company. Seeking out legal counsel could potentially be a crucial decision for one’s future.

The motorcycle industry is booming in Pennsylvania. Motorcycle registrations have skyrocketed by 53 percent since 2013 in the state, which means that roadways are being frequented by a notably different demographic today. Motorcyclists’ well being has gone in the opposite and negative direction, however: Deaths in motorcycle crashes have increased 35 percent since 2003. In 2012, 210 people died in motorcycle crashes, according to PennDOT statistics (1). In 2014, 2,921 riders were injured in Pennsylvania (2). If one is struck by a car or truck while riding a motorcycle, the chance of one being seriously injured is tripled. Moreover, one is fourteen times more likely to be killed than if one was driving a car and in the same accident.

These tragedies, and the near tragedies, are not decreasing in number despite increased safety precautions on the part of bikers. The cost of emergency medical services, lost wages, and productivity is significant. A motorcycle death can cost $1.2 million, and a serious injury can cost $172,000. Obviously, the consequences of regular motorists not sharing the road can be great. Often, motorcycle accidents are viewed and treated differently than accidents involving cars or trucks. Bikers deserve to have their legal rights protected and be shielded from preconceptions of being reckless or automatically at fault. When accidents do occur, motorcyclists should be represented by a competent professional who is well aware of the law and potential biases against those who opt for two wheels as opposed to four.

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