Most Dangerous Times To Drive

Most Dangerous Times To Drive

August is the most dangerous month of the year to drive. Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week to drive. In January 2008, there were 2,818 fatal accidents. There were 3,612 fatal accidents in August 2008. Distractions, unsafe behaviors and the time of the day were some of the factors behind the increase in fatal accidents.

Russ Rader is the spokesperson for the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety. He has stated that getting behind the wheel of a car is one of the most dangerous things that people can do. He also stated that the general public underestimates how many fatal accidents occur every day.

Factors That Play A Role In Accidents

It is estimated that 49 percent of fatal accidents occur at night. Speeding plays a role in 30 percent of fatal accidents. Eighteen percent of fatal accidents involve the use of alcohol. Tuesday and Wednesday are the days with the least fatal accidents. However there are fewer cars on the road during these times.

There are more people on the road during the weekends, so this is the time when the most accidents occur. Furthermore, fewer fatal accidents occur between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Simple Steps To Take To Avoid Being In A Fatal Accident

Driving the right speed, wearing a seatbelt and paying attention to the road are some of the best things that you can avoid getting in a fatal accident. However, these are the things that many people neglect to do. It is estimated that human error is the culprit behind 95 percent of car accidents. Seventy-five percent of drivers report that they are careful when they are behind the wheel.

Rae Tyson is the spokesperson for the NHTSA. He has stated that people have a tendency to overestimate their abilities when they are behind the wheel. Eighty-two percent of people stated that distracted driving is a serious problem. However, half of people have admitted to talking on the cell phone while driving. Fourteen percent of people have admitted to reading or sending a text message while they were driving.

Seventy-five percent of drivers have stated that speeding is a serious problem. However, twenty percent have admitted that they gone at least 15 miles over the speed limit.

Weather is another factor that plays a role in accidents. People often drive too fast for the weather conditions. There are many preventative safety features and signs on the roads that are designed to prevent crashes. However, human behavior plays the most important in preventing accidents. The best things that you can do to keep yourself safe while behind the road are things that professionals have recommended doing for years staying in control of your vehicle, wearing a seat belt and focusing on the road.