Man Charged in Injury Crash Had Suspended Driver’s License

Man charged in injury crash had suspended driver’s license

A 48-year-old man from Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania, is facing multiple charges after police determined he allegedly admitted to being behind the wheel of a 2000 Jeep Cherokee that was involved in an injury accident. According to Colonial Regional police, the man fled the scene of the accident because he had a suspended driver’s license and no insurance.

According to police, the accident occurred on July 29 about 8 p.m. The Jeep smashed into the back of another vehicle, causing it to go off the roadway and strike a pole. The two people in that vehicle suffered neck and back injuries.

Court documents show that the defendant’s girlfriend called the police to report her boyfriend was involved in a crash and had left the scene. She told the police where they lived and that the Jeep was there. When an officer arrived at the home, the Jeep was found with damage that was consistent with the crash. It was then, according to police, that the man admitted to being in the accident.

The man was arraigned on many charges, including careless driving, an accident involving death or personal injury, driving with a suspended license and operating a vehicle without insurance. He is free on a $5,000 bail.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Georgetown and Newburg roads. There is a 4-way blinking light at the intersection, but residents have asked state officials and Lower Nazareth Township supervisors to install a traffic signal. The residents believe that the decreased visibility in the area, as well as a rapidly swelling population, have created a need for more than just a flashing light. The police chief has disputed the need for a traffic signal, saying that people only need to drive the speed limit and more cautiously. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, it could cost more than $100,000 to do a traffic study and install a signal.

Criminal charges do not have to be filed for someone to be held liable for negligence or recklessness in a civil lawsuit for a motor vehicle crash. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, contact a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney to find out more about your rights and options in such a civil suit.

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