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Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers is a personal injury service that matches injury victims with the best lawyer for their unique situation. We specialize in all types of car accidents in Bradford, PA. We handle Bradford car accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, and many more. Our experience in Bradford matching car accident victims with lawyers is unrivaled by our competition. We have worked extensively in Bradford and all the rest of the surrounding areas, as well as throughout Pennsylvania.

Being in a car accident is a very serious and even life-altering occurrence. On occasion, individuals who have experienced a traffic accident have very bad and very painful injuries from which they will suffer for the remainder of their lives. Sometimes these individuals have many questions about their situation and what they should do. You can help you find the answers you need.

Even though auto accidents are often similar in many respects, the truth is that each accident is unique in material case facts. This is especially true concerning the range of injuries suffered by accident victims and the impact the wreck could have on the remainder of their life. Car accidents can change the lives of everyone involved in a moments instance, and many of those injured then need access to the legal system for a full damage recovery. That is why it is imperative following an accident to retain an experienced and aggressive Bradford car accident lawyer to handle your accident and personal injury case.


Documentation is vital to any successful car accident personal injury claim. Your legal counsel must prove to the court that an injury occurred, that the respondent owed a reasonable duty of care to the injured party, and that the injury is the result of a negligent act by the respondent. This is usually accomplished through documentation that includes the official accident report and all pertinent medical records included in the damage recovery request. Having an experienced Bradford car accident attorney means that you can be assured your case is being filed properly and all of your recovery rights are being enforced. 

Arguing Comparative Negligence

Unraveling an auto accident can be a difficult undertaking for all parties involved. Accident reconstruction specialists will routinely file an official report indicating who is at fault, and those without an attorney are left to accept the final decision of the court concerning causation. This can impact an injury claim greatly in Ohio, as those found over 50% at fault for an accident are denied the right to financial recovery for injuries suffered in the accident. Known legally as comparative negligence, the legal counsel of the negligent respondent always works diligently at increasing this percentage for the injured plaintiff in an effort to lessen or to totally avoid a claim settlement. The novice injured victim is no negotiating match for a professional insurance adjuster, and your Bradford car accident lawyer will recognize when the insurance adjuster is acting in bad faith and defend your causation rating in the accident. 

Multiple Negligent Parties

In accidents involving multiple vehicles the potential for multiple respondents is always possible, including a possible product liability claim. Diligent attorneys are always aware that an accident may have been caused by defective automotive equipment, and many accidents are seemingly unexplained in many situations. Determining fault for the accident can often reveal that several parties were responsible, meaning that collecting full damages can be a complicated legal issue when each party’s insurance company is negotiating downward. 

It is clear that auto accidents can be complicated legal matters and you should never attempt handling a personal injury claim without consulting with an experienced Bradford car accident attorney who can evaluate the value of your claim.

Laws regarding traffic accidents are different between different states. As a result, you need an attorney that is familiar with traffic law in your state and even in your county. We have years of matching victims with experienced Pennsylvania traffic attorneys and we understand Bradford.

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