Intersection Accident

Pennsylvania Intersection Accidents

Getting injured can be very overwhelming physically, emotionally and financially. Without factoring in legal matters and holding responsible a negligent driver, there is already a lot on the mind of a Pennsylvania car accident victim. While seeking and healing proper medical attention should be the priority of your loved one or yourself, it is also important to be cognizant of your options and legal rights and make a very informed decision as to pursue a lawsuit that will serve as the best course of action.

Our Pennsylvania car accident lawyers have the skill and experience to represent all accident interception types successfully whether you are a driver, a pedestrian, or an occupant of a vehicle; we will help you.

Why Intersections Are So Dangerous?

There is an increased danger in areas where trucks and cars travelling in different directions meet. Sometimes, other factors negate the safety procedures as well as the laws that are set up to make the intersection safer.

There are many causes of accidents related to intersections that will call for the victim to seek compensation from a negligent party. Intoxicated drivers are more likely to overlook a red light, yellow light, and a stop sign. Negligence in drivers is not the only possible cause of accidents. Others include government failure to trim trees around the traffic signs which could make it difficult to see the signs. Although most accidents will come from negligence, related accidents occur because of the following reasons:
• Damaged traffic lights
• Poorly timed signals for traffic
• Debris or broken pavement on the road
• Defective design of the road
• Improperly placed traffic signs

How Common Are These Intersection Accidents In The State Of Pennsylvania?

In 2003, across America, more than nine thousand people died after an involvement in these accidents. More than one-third of these accidents took place at intersections. Intersections are thus the most hazardous road locations.

Pennsylvania Intersection Laws

If a motorist failed to follow the laws below or any other law, you have the right to claim and seek compensation.

Under the Pennsylvania statute 3321: ‘when two vehicles are approaching and entering an intersection from different roads at the same time, the left vehicle driver should yield the right of way to the car on the right side.’

Under statute 3323: ‘Every vehicle driver approaching a stopping sign should stop at the marked line, or if the line is not in place, they should stop at the close of the crosswalk nearing the intersection.’

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