Hydroplaning Philly Cab Crashes Causing Serious Injuries

Hydroplaning Philly Cab Crashes Causing Serious Injuries in Pennsylvania

Marc Summers was in Philadelphia shooting an episode of Restaurant Impossible for the Food Network. After taping wrapped for the day, he hopped into a cab to head home. A heavy downpour blanketed Philadelphia and the cab driver lost control after hydroplaning, crashing the taxi and leaving Summers with serious physical injuries.

Summers slammed into the partition separating the front seat of the cab from the back seat. His face was severely disfigured in the crash and he underwent four hours of surgery as doctors attempted to reconstruct broken bones and missing flesh on the left side of his face.

“Everything on the left side [of my face] from my eye socket down was just wiped out,” described Summers.

The Food Network star reports that he has multiple screws and plates in his face as part of the reconstruction effort. His eye socket is swollen and he has limited vision in his left eye. But, Summers is in good spirits and believes he will be as good as new once the swelling goes down.

Thankfully, Summers did not suffer a brain injury in the Philadelphia taxi cab accident or at least has shown no signs yet of having suffered a brain injury. A concussion or a traumatic brain injury is not uncommon when serious facial injuries occur. The impact of hitting the taxi partition that badly wounded his face could have easily injured his brain as well.

“I was pretty lucky that I didn’t have brain damage,” Summers noted of his injuries.

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