How to Deal with Auto Insurance Claims Adjusters

How to Deal With Auto Insurance Claims Adjusters

Being involved in a car accident is no fun and games, but unfortunately these things happen to everyone. In fact car accidents are so common that the state requires you to pay for car insurance to prevent a situation in which you are struck and injured by someone who cannot afford to pay your damages. Although an attorney is a great asset for these situations, there are guidelines you can follow to make the most of your conversation with an auto insurance claims adjuster.

Upon filing a car insurance claim, you directed to an insurance adjuster who works on behalf of your auto insurance company to extend you a settlement. This person’s job is to research your accident, study your policy, and calculate an amount that he or she believes you’re entitled to based on these facts. While insurance adjusters are generally fair and reasonable, keep in mind that because they work for the insurance company their idea of what you deserve may be less than yours.

How to Negotiate with your Insurance Adjuster

Before you set out to negotiate with your appointed insurance adjuster, be sure to know your claim value and have a copy of your insurance policy handy, as well as the accident report so you can refer to it confidently. Be polite, but listen carefully to what she has to say and remain very aware of the conversation. Keep these tips in mind as your conversation progresses:

    -When you are introduced to your insurance adjuster, outline the circumstances that led to your auto insurance claim. Be sure to emphasize the points that support the value of your claim, including the other driver’s negligence, how you followed the traffic laws, and the description of the police report. This establishes that you are informed about the situation and that you are aware of the value of your claim.

    -When it comes time to tell the insurance adjuster the total of your damages and the amount you are demanding from your insurance company, expect that the adjuster will have to “get back to you” about your demand. Oftentimes this is a tactic they use so you will grow impatient and settle for less. Well-documented claims hold merit, and when the fault clearly wasn’t your own, it’s in the company’s best interests to settle.

    -Wait until the adjuster gets back to you with a counter offer before reducing your claim value and send them any additional documentation at their request that will boost your claim, such as photos of the accident scene and medical records.

As with any negotiation, it makes sense to start fairly high and gradually reduce the value of your claim to get the insurance company to gradually raise their counteroffers. When you find yourself in an acceptable range, you are ready to settle. Be sure the amount is enough to cover your bills as it is too late to negotiate further once you have already signed the release form.

If you need assistance settling your car insurance claim, Pennsylvania auto accident lawyers are available around the clock. Our skilled lawyers are experts at negotiating with car insurance companies to ensure you receive a fair claim. Call 888-970-2443 today.


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