How to Deal With Aggressive Drivers


How to Deal With Aggressive Drivers

According to a report done by the American Auto Association, eight out of ten drivers were reported to have shown signs of aggressive driving. Aggressive driving means demonstrating behaviors such as driving over the speed limit, failing to obey traffic controls such as traffic lights, following other cars too slowly, and making poor maneuvers and turns.

Aggressive driving, naturally, can lead to road rage, where a driver threatens to use a vehicle or weapon to cause harm to someone else on the street. This can easily escalate to a life threatening incident. Nobody wants to be involved with a case of road rage, nor be on the receiving end of it. With aggressive driving on the rise, it is important to know how to handle it so that nobody gets hurt.

Stay Calm

The most important rule when having to deal with an aggressive driver is to stay calm. It can be easy to feel angry and self righteous when someone is threatening your safety, but that anger can lead to the road rage that puts others at risk. Keep your mind open about the circumstances around you: the aggressive driver may have had a bad day and is usually not so rude, playing music can help relieve stress so you can be more relaxed on the road, young men are those that are most prone to falling into road rage. Be aware of your place in the road, how important that is, and that this case of aggressive driving is most likely an isolated incident that is not personally directed at you.

Open a Passing Lane

When an aggressive driver is far too close behind you, you may be tempted to either speed up or slow down to try to convince them to pass you. Doing this risks the chance of blocking off a passing lane for the aggressive driver, which can make them even more angry. It can be infuriating to deal with somebody on the road who appears indecisive or unpredictable. In your case, to help make things clear, put on your turn signal to indicate to the aggressive driver that you will be leaving the lane soon. With this you can move out of the way and allow the driver to pass.

Avoid Eye Contact

Someone who is driving aggressively will most likely be looking for reasons to start trouble. Obviously aggressive physical gestures like eye contact or certain hand signals are the perfect sparks for a fire. As safe as you may feel in your car at the moment, you don’t know who is in the car that is being pushy, and they may be willing to push you – and your vehicle – very far.

If you have been involved with a Pennsylvania car accident due to the fault of an aggressive driver, then it is time to start seeking compensation. Taking photos of the accident and retaining good records of the event is vital, and you will need an expert car accident lawyer to help you obtain the claim you deserve. Contact Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers today to get the representation you need.