How are the Penalties Different in Construction Zones?

penalties in construction zones

It is possible that Pennsylvanians and travelers passing through will have to drive through construction zones. PennDOT urges commuters use caution as they are traveling through posted work areas.

Safety Tips for Construction Zones

It is important to pay attention to the following tips while traveling through a construction zones:

•Drive the posted speed limit. Remember, speed limits are lower in work zones.

•Stay alert and look for signs and flaggers around you.

•If you have to slow down to a crawl or stop, use your emergency flashers.

•Do not tailgate drivers ahead of you.

•Buckle up for safety.

•Avoid distractions while driving such as cell phones.

•Be patient while driving.

Pennsylvania Work Zone Laws

PA Posted Work Zones

Speed-monitoring devices: All interstate work zones over $300,000 in project costs will be given a speed-monitoring device to be displayed to motorists who are entering the work zone.

Headlights on: All drivers must turn their headlights on through posted work zones, regardless of the time of day.

Active Work Zones

All active work zones must be clearly advertised to make drivers are aware of when they are entering and leaving work zones. A sign with “Active Work Zone When Flashing” will be displayed to all motorists.

Any motorist caught going over 11 mph over the posted active work zone speed limit or is involved in a wreck in the work zone and found guilty of driving recklessly will lose their driving privileges for 15 days.

Fines and jail time are doubled for motorists who fail to obey posted work zone laws. This will include speeding, failing to obey traffic devices, and driving under the influence. If a crash occurs that results in the death of another driver in a posted work zone, the law states that an additional five years of jail time can be added onto the sentence of the accused.

377 suspensions were given out to drivers in 2014 for work zone traffic violations.

Reckless drivers in construction zones do not only endanger workers but other drivers as well. In the event of a construction zone accident, Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers can get you in contact with a qualified car accident attorney in your area. They can analyze the facts of your case and help you seek compensation for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.