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“I’ve been injured in a car accident in Pennsylvania and my car is severely damaged. How do I find a good Pennsylvania car accident lawyer to represent me?”

After you’re in a car accident, you have many different things you’re concerned about. Suddenly, you’re without transportation because your car was seriously damaged and you don’t have the money to fix it. You might have gotten badly hurt in the accident, and you might have even had to spend time in the hospital or had to have surgery. You’re probably also missing work because of the accident, and each day you miss is more income you don’t have access to.

You have rights in this situation and you need a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer to help you. However, not all car accident lawyers are the same, so it’s important to know what qualities you should be looking for when you choose the one that’s right for you.

Knowledge About Pennsylvania Car Accident Law Pennsylvania car accident law is different from the laws in other states. You want to know that the attorney you choose has a solid understanding about the car accident laws in the state and how they apply to your accident. Knowing the laws also means that he will understand the best ways to present your case so that you are offered a high settlement amount from the other driver’s insurance company.

A Genuine Interest in Your Case – There’s nothing worse than a car accident lawyer who doesn’t show any interest in your case at all. To him, you’re just another victim who wants to go after a settlement, and that’s not the type of attorney you want or need. You need someone who will listen to you tell your story and who will also take your side. Even more, you need a lawyer who truly believes that you are in the right and the other driver is in the wrong. He should also be willing to do extra research and work to provide supportive information for your case before it’s presented for a settlement agreement. That will probably take some time, but it’s necessary and it should be a requirement from you.

A Track Record for Success – You also want to know that the lawyer you choose has been successful with car accident cases in the past. PA Car Accident Lawyers are trusted all over Pennsylvania. Keep in mind that most car accident attorneys operate on contingency fees, which means that they don’t get paid if you don’t get a settlement. If you come across a lawyer who doesn’t want to work on contingency fees, and who requires an upfront payment before doing any work for you, you should pass. That most likely means that he doesn’t think your case can be won. Instead, choose a lawyer who has been successful at collecting settlements in the past. In this case you can reasonably assume that he’ll get good results for you as well.

The Willingness to Fight for Your Settlement – Not all settlements are cut and dry, and in fact, most of these types of agreements are difficult to come to. Even so, you don’t want to hire a lawyer who will agree to the first amount he’s presented with if that amount is nowhere near what he estimated that you could expect. Your lawyer should be willing to go back to the insurance company multiple times to ask for more money. Oftentimes, insurance companies will offer lower amounts at first, particularly if they’re working with a lawyer they don’t have any prior experience with. You don’t want an attorney who will accept the first offer.

The best way to know you’re working with a qualified and excellent attorney is to ask him questions pertaining to these issues at your first meeting. If he answers your questions in the way we’ve described, then you can be sure he’s the right attorney for you.

Choosing a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer is an excellent way to ensure you get a proper settlement after your car accident. If you’re looking for a lawyer to help you, we can provide you with information to help you get in touch with the right one for your case. Please contact us for more information.


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