Four of America’s Deadliest Highways


Let’s give credit where credit is due, America doesn’t have the worst roads in the world. When it comes to regulations and keeping the streets up to date, there are other countries that have more difficulty with keeping up. America is known for its long stretches of highways, and many of our popular rock songs glorify driving through them.

That also means there are hundreds of millions of drivers on those roads, and some roads are more dangerous than others. Whether it’s their twisty nature, the extreme weather, or the drivers taking them, these are the some of the deadliest highways in America.

4. I-15 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles
Between southern Nevada and southern California, an average of 8 million people a year drive through the I-15. Although this 180 mile stretch of concrete is relatively straightforward, the Nevada AAA has stated that the I-15 has more recorded fatalities than anywhere else in the state. Driver error may be the likeliest cause for these deaths. Las Vegas is popularly known as a party city, and commercial truck drivers have seen many cases of drunk driving. With half of these deaths also being attributed to no seat belts being worn, it can be easy to see how so many accidents happen.

3. I-79 from Pennsylvania to West Virginia
What should be a relatively unassuming highway has been recorded as a hotspot for accidents for one simple reason: a poorly designed U-turn. I-79 intersects with I-70, drivers take the latter if they want to go east or west. However, if a driver is going northbound on I-79 and wants to take I-70 westbound, they must take a tight, sudden U-turn. The typical speed of highway drivers have made this one spot a large cause of accidents in Pennsylvania.

2. I-95 around Miami, FL
South Florida is a melting pot of cultures converging together. This is good for the diversity of things to do and people to meet in the area, but it is also very heavily populated. The closer you get to Miami on I-95, the more likely you are to suffer the infamous traffic jams. Tight lanes with too many drivers make I-95 one of the more dangerous highways to drive on in America. Let’s not forget the extreme weather that can occur such as blindingly heavy flash rains, and even the most reliable driver may start having trouble.

1. Dalton Highway, AK
You may have heard of the dangerous Dalton Highway from popular tv shows like Ice Road Truckers. Alaska is one of the most intense states to drive in already, gas stations are few and far between, being able to get nearby help is rare, and the winters can drop to below negative 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This 414 mile long stretch of road is rarely kept up to date, is covered in potholes, and any accident could leave you waiting for help for a long time in the freezing cold. If you’re planning on going to Alaska, consider avoiding this dangerous highway. Even the truckers that frequent it have trouble.

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