Driving Through Flooded Streets | Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers

Numerous driving issues arise when it begins to rain. Even with a light rain can make the roads slippery and increase the chances of hydroplaning. One of the most dangerous aspects of rain on the streets is the possibility of flooding. Knowing how to operate your vehicle in these situations can help you prevent a potentially life-threatening accident.

What to do if You Encounter a Flood

When you approach a flooded area, the best advice is to avoid that area altogether. In most cases, it will always be worth turning around and going another way rather than ruining your car and potentially putting your life in danger. If you come across water on the road that is six inches or higher, you should avoid it at all costs. The same is true for when the water is moving and 4 inches high. If you do not feel like getting out to test the water and you can’t turn around to take another route, pull off to the side of the road and sit and watch how other cars fair when driving through the water before risking it yourself.

If you do have to go through the water, it is important to stay on the crown of the road and crawl through it. You may think going faster will cause less damage, but this is not true. Revving the engine could cause water to get pushed up into your engine. Even if you drive a large 4×4, you should still drive through slowly to avoid excessive damage to your vehicle. You should drive cautiously when going through shallow puddles as well, as they still create the risk of hydroplaning if you drive through them at high speeds.

When going through a flooded area, you also need to pay attention to the vehicles that are coming towards you. If they are bigger vehicles and crazier drivers, they could cause your car to be flooded by their bow waves. After getting out of the water, you need to dry your brakes by using them gently and not slamming on them. Also, if there was debris on the road, like leaves, it is imperative to check your radiator to make sure that it doesn’t have any blockages.

Taking legal actions due to an accident caused by flooding can be tricky. It is best to seek legal representation to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers can connect you with an experienced attorney in your area. Contact us today for a free consultation.