How to Drive During a Power Outage

driving power outage

During power outages, particularly those caused by a storm, a motorist needs to keep some things in mind. A driver needs to be particularly vigilant during a power outage to keep safe and secure while commuting to avoid a car accident. There are some important strategies a motorist needs to put to use during a power outage:

Stop at All Intersections

A motorist needs to be well-aware that traffic signals are not operational in the event of a power outage. Therefore, a driver must be sure to come to a complete stop at every intersection.

Fill Up the Gas Tank When Possible

If the power is out, gas stations cannot pump fuel. If a motorist comes upon a gas station that happens to be in operation, he or she should fill up the tank. Failure to do this can leave a vehicle without fuel for a period of time until power is restored.

If a person is traveling on a highway, he or she needs to keep in mind that commercial rest areas may be closed completely. This further restricts the availability of fuel during a power outage.

Take Extra Care at Railroad Crossings

Railroad crossings become particularly dangerous during power outages. Warning signals at railroad crossings typically lack backup power sources in the event of a general power outage.

A driver must always come to a complete stop at a railroad crossing during a power outage. A motorist must make absolutely certain that no train is in sight prior to crossing.

Use Emergency Flashers

When a motorist is forced to pull off a roadway, he or she needs to be absolutely certain to utilize emergency flashers. This is particularly important on roadways that are normally illuminated.

Watch for Downed Power Lines

A major task in the aftermath of a power outage caused by a storm is to be alert for downed power lines. The reality is that a downed power line can be extremely dangerous, indeed life threatening. A motorist, or other individual, that identifies a downed power line should contact the local power company immediately. In addition, a person should never try to move a downed power line his or her self.

Knowing how to safely commute during a power outage is crucial to your safety. In the event of a car accident, we urge that you contact Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers. Allow us to get you in contact with an experienced, local car accident attorney that can discuss your legal options. Contact us today at (888) 970-2443 for a free case evaluation.