Am I Entitled to Compensation if my Car is Damaged During Towing?

car damaged towing

Having your car towed is the worst. It can throw off your entire day and cause you to have to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get it back. But then, if you arrive and see damage to your car, now your day is a complete mess.

The question is “Can you claim this damage to your insurance company?” The answer is actually not so simple. There are a lot of factors that determine whether or not a claim for towing damage will be approved.

Can You Prove It?

Can you prove the damage wasn’t already there? This one is the hardest things to achieve and is the reason why the answer is usually “no” from the insurance company. You weren’t there when it happened.

To get your claim processed, you’ll need evidence. Did someone witness it? Were there cameras that witnessed the damage? Sometimes tow yards are required to take pictures before hooking up your car. If you can get those and prove discrepancy, then you might have some ground to stand on.

If you can’t prove it, try to get them to admit to damaging your vehicle. It might not work, but it’s worth a try. If they do admit it, they’ll likely pay for the damages themselves, making your job a lot easier.

Is The Company Breaching Local Law?

In some cases, if you can prove that the towing company’s practices are in breach of local law governing towing practices, you may be able to get a claim processed even without other proof. Of course, you’ll need evidence of the transgressions.

Do You Have Proper Coverage?

If you want to file a claim, you’ll need the proper coverage. This type of damage typically falls under collision coverage. You should also be aware of any deductibles you’ll need to pay to get your insurance company to pay for the rest of the damage.

In many cases, your insurance company will legally go after the towing company to try to get them to cover the cost of repairs. They are often successful if you had enough evidence to get this far. In most cases, your deductible will be refunded as a result, so you’ll end up paying nothing.

Ultimately, make sure you have collision coverage and enough evidence to prove the damage was caused by towing, then file the claim. You can also try to get the towing company to admit to the damage and pay themselves. It is important you know that you may still be required to report the damage to your insurance company in this case.

Proving that your car was damaged during the towing process may be difficult, but finding a local car accident is not. Simply reach out to Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers. Allow us to get you in contact with a local car accident attorney that can discuss your legal options. Contact us today at (888) 970-2443 for a free case evaluation.