Ensuring Child Passenger Safety

Child Car Seat Safety

Protecting children is the responsibility of parents and other adults. Keeping children safe when riding in a vehicle involves not only buckling up, but also learning about the various car seats and seat belt laws that are in place.

Child Passenger Week

In Pennsylvania, there is a Child Passenger Safety Week held every year. The 2017 dates are from September 17 through September 23. It is a chance for people to learn about car seats and have trained car seat technicians check to see if car seats are installed in vehicles properly.

The Pennsylvania Seat Belt Law

Parents, grandparents, and anyone else who drives with a child in their vehicle needs to understand the seat belt laws in place in Pennsylvania. Children under the age of four must be restrained properly in an approved child safety seat. They should also know:

Children under two must be in a rear-facing car seat until the maximum weight and height limits are reached
Children from age four to eight must be in an appropriate-sized booster seat
Children from age 8 to age 18 must be secured with a seat belt

Car Seat Recommendations

There are various car seat recommendations that everyone should follow:

  • Choose a car seat based on the age and size of the child and that fits inside of the vehicle.
  • Refer to the instructions of the car seat manufacturer along with the owner’s manual to ensure the LATCH system or seat belt is used properly.
  • Keep a child in the car seat for as long as possible, assuming they are still within height and weight limits.
  • Keep a child in the back seat until the age of 12.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has funded more than 75 fitting stations. This ensures everyone can find a station where a trained technician will check to see if a car seat is properly installed.

Additionally, many counties statewide have loan programs. Families in need can keep children safe by obtaining an infant car seat, booster seat, or whatever else might be needed. All sorts of resources are available from the state to ensure children are kept safe when inside of a vehicle.

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