What is Your Car Accident Case Worth?


What is Your Car Accident Case Worth?

When you are involved in any sort of legal case, the common thread is damages. Damages can mean many things: injury, damage to property (like your house or your car) and financial harm. Car accidents are certainly not an exception. That being said, you may be wondering if your particular car accident case is worth anything, or if it is even worth pursuing. How much you receive from a personal injury claim is dependent on some of the following factors.

  • Police reports: You will want to have a copy of the police report that is related to your car accident case. This report will provide identification information for the officer that was on the scene. Since insurance companies usually get in touch with officers to confirm on-site statements, it’s important to have an idea of what to expect.
  • With that in mind, your behavior right after the car accident can strongly affect the value of your case. Not immediately seeking medical attention, for example, might stop you from obtaining injury claims later. Also, saying things like “It was my fault” to the other person involved in the accident, or to witnesses, can harm the value of your car accident case later. It may be difficult to act appropriately due to the likely shock you’ll feel after the accident, but if the other person involved says something incriminating, that can also work to your advantage.
  • Photos and records can do much to improve the worth of your car accident case. A photo of the accident can do more than any verbal description to strengthen your claim. Records of lost wages and days from the accident, hospital visits, and decreased quality of life, can also show how the car accident has caused consequential damage.

While these are good rules to follow in order to improve the claim you may receive from your car accident case, it’s important to know that these cases can get complicated fast. Not only will you be dealing with court hearings and insurance companies, but you also need to consider that the stress and injury received from your car accident case can make following through with the lawsuit difficult.

That’s why it’s important to have a car accident attorney to help you with the process of receiving your car accident claim. Pennsylvania car accident lawyers understand your rights as a car accident victim and will help you conclude your claim, contact us today to get in touch with a qualified attorney.