Am I Entitled to Compensation if my Car is Damaged During Towing?

car damaged towing

Having your car towed is the worst. It can throw off your entire day and cause you to have to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get it back. But then, if you arrive and see damage to your car, now your day is a complete mess.

How to Drive During a Power Outage

driving power outage

During power outages, particularly those caused by a storm, a motorist needs to keep some things in mind. A driver needs to be particularly vigilant during a power outage to keep safe and secure while commuting to avoid a car accident. There are some important strategies a motorist needs to put to use during a power outage:

New PA Bill Calls For Stricter DUI Penalties

DUI penalty

A recent Pennsylvania bill introduced by State Senator Scott Martin asks for stiffer penalties for DUI offenders. The bill would require any person with two DUIs or more within 10 years to serve at least two years in prison and face a maximum fine of $15,000. As of 2017, the current minimum sentence for offenders with two DUIs is 10 days in jail. The new bill would also call for a charge of felony homicide if a drunk driver with two or more DUIs causes the death of another person.

How are the Penalties Different in Construction Zones?

penalties in construction zones

It is possible that Pennsylvanians and travelers passing through will have to drive through construction zones. PennDOT urges commuters use caution as they are traveling through posted work areas.


Child Passenger Safety

Child Passenger Safety Tips

Child Passenger Safety

Adults are responsible for keeping children safe when they are passengers in a vehicle. This includes making sure they are buckled in correctly and always wear a seatbelt when old enough to buckle themselves in.


What You Need to Know When Driving Through a Construction Zone

Construction Zone Driving

Road work zones are prone to traffic incidents. In work zone incidents recorded over the previous five years, 200,000 people were injured and another 4,400 died. Of those that died, 85 percent were inside the vehicle or vehicles involved in the incident, and the remaining 15 percent were workers on the scene.


Top 3 Common Causes of Car Accidents

top 3 common car accident causes

Accidents are a part of life. You never see it coming, but in an instant, your entire reality may be altered. This is why it is important to always exercise safe driving practices. There are multiple ways in which a car accident may occur. Here are the top 3 across the United States:


Pros & Cons of More Interactive Car Dashboards

Car Dashboards Pros and Cons

Gone are the traditional knob radios. As of recent, car dashboards have started looking more like tablets and smartphones than they do dashboards. With features such as Apple Play, you can now link your cell phone to your car. This feature links your contacts, music, maps, and much more. The reasoning behind this was to decrease texting and driving by fully syncing cell phones to the car, but have they achieved this goal or have they created an entirely separate issue altogether? Join us as we explore the pros and cons of more interactive car dashboards.


Top 4 Reasons Why Summer is the Most Dangerous Driving Season

summer dangerous driving

It is almost that time of year! The summer is just around the corner meaning fun in the sun and amazing traveling conditions, at least so you would think. Contrary to the inviting weather conditions and excessive free time, the summer is the most dangerous driving season. Many would assume that the winter would be the season to claim this title as weather conditions tend to be horrid. While this may be true, there a few other factors that increase the potential of car accidents. Join us as we explore them.


Top 3 Most Dangerous Type of Car Accidents

rear end accident

Top 3 Most Dangerous Type of Car Accidents

The simple thought of getting into any accident can be horrifying. It’s the last thought anyone wants to have when sitting behind the wheel of his vehicle, but it’s always a lingering possibility. While safety features in cars have come a long way, no car is invincible to an impending accident. No matter how closely you considered these safety features, you are always at risk. Listed below are the top 3 most dangerous car accidents to be involved in.



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