4 Hit-And-Runs, 1 Driver. 4 Injuries, 1 Fatality

4 Hit-And-Runs, 1 Driver. 4 Injuries, 1 Fatality in Pennsylvania

The driver of a Hyundai Sonata was killed in a fatal car crash this weekend after crashing into four cars scattered across North Philadelphia. He sideswiped one car on Eerie Avenue, fled that scene and then crashed into three more vehicles near L Street, still on Eerie Avenue.

Emergency responders found the driver on Eerie and transported him to Temple University Hospital. The driver died about 30 minutes after the rash of crashes began. Four others suffered minor injuries in the hit-and-run collisions peppered throughout Eerie Avenue.

It’s certainly possible, although it has not yet been confirmed, that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol before getting behind the wheel early Sunday morning. The 31-year-old driver swiped the first North Philly car at about 1:15 am.
In Pennsylvania, those who are injured by a drunk driver are able to pursue additional damages against the at-fault driver as well as from an establishment who over-served an impaired driver (called Dram Shop Liability).

Impaired driving accidents are one of the exceptions to limited-tort coverage restrictions. Even if you do not carry full-tort coverage, you are eligible for full-tort benefits if you are injured by a drunk or drugged driver in Pennsylvania. Full-tort coverage may include payment for:
• Pain and suffering
• Lost wages
• Medical expenses
• Long term care needs
• Rehabilitation
• Punitive damages

A Philadelphia attorney familiar with full-tort liability and dram shop laws can help you understand your rights if you were injured in a drunk driving crash.

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