What Should You Have In Your Car For Emergencies?

what should be in my car

There are two types of drivers in the world, those with absolutely nothing in their cars and those you look like they live in their cars. Regardless of your personal preference, there are certain essential items everybody should have in their cars. This includes basic necessities as well as emergency gear. By our count, there are about 30 things every car owner should travel with. For you messy folks, just make sure you can find these car essentials underneath all those empty coffee cups.

30 Vehicle Essentials

The Basics
AKA the things you probably already have in your car
– Charger for your cell phone (cigarette lighter, portable, or extra wall charger)
– Umbrella
– Napkins, tissues, paper towels, and other paper products
– Blanket, perfect for roadside emergencies or emergency picnics
– Change of clothes
– Extra sweatshirt or jacket
– Snacks
– Spare change for tolls and parking meters
– Paper and a pen
– Reusable shopping bags for impromptu shopping trips
Vehicle Maintenance
AKA the things you don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road without
– Your car’s manual (likely already located in your glove compartment)
– Car repair info, the number of your local mechanic, AAA card, and insurance information
– Jumper cables or an emergency battery booster
– Spare tire and tools needed to install it like a tire iron and car jack
– Fix-a-Flat or another tire inflator and sealer
Tire pressure gauge
– WD-40 and duct tape
Survival Gear
AKA the “just in case” items
– First aid kit, store-bought or homemade
– Swiss army knife or other multi-tool
– Flashlight and extra batteries
– Flares and reflective triangle
– Full water bottles
– Energy bars and other good, high protein snacks
– Lighter or matches
– Paper maps (GPS is a great invention, but nothing is more reliable than a paper map)
– Weather radio
– Window breaker tool and seat belt cutter
Winter Weather Necessities
AKA things for those who live in snowy regions
– Ice scraper and snow brush
– Space blanket
– Cardboard or cat litter for tire traction in the snow